Do You Want to Find Rare Error on Coins in Circulation?

It will be a real fun to discover error coins in the daily pocket change and it is not too difficult either. You need to develop a good coin-checking habits right from the beginning to locate error coins or die varieties which are circulating today.

Materials needed

In order to do your task, you will need the following material:

  • Magnifying glass, it should be having magnifying power at least 7X to 10X.
  • A very good desk lamp having an incandescent bulb
  • Pad soft cloth
  • Your daily used pocket change or you may buy few rolls of coins in order to search

If you are able to find any error coin that is worth saving, you will like to store it as rare coins properly to ensure it does not get damaged.

How you can search the pocket change

In case you take structured approach for searching your pocket change, then this task may be completed efficiently and quickly. As you practice, in due course of time you will become quick and efficient.

Sort out your coins in groups by denomination

Try to examine the coins in batches for example, check all of the pennies, and then check your nickels and then your dimes.

Slowly your eye may get accustomed to seeing different type after first few coins, so now you can quickly able to scan once your brain become familiar.

Now you will be able to differentiate the changes between different coins even when you check all them in groups.

Examine the coin’s inscriptions

Now, look very carefully for anything present in the lettering which seems unusual or odd. Many varieties of doubled die will show doubling in part of any word.

Polishing, die abrasion, or greasy dirt that gets collected on die face may cause letters fail to strike perfectly upon the coin.

Now turn the coin on the opposite side and try to look at it in many different angles. Also, check carefully if there are any missing letters, any doubling, or any other oddities present in their inscriptions.

Examine the mint mark and date

You must give special focus to date and mark of the mint which should be get a special focus and your attention as these are most likely place among the valuable errors that you are most likely to find.

There are many things that can go wrong around this area, including few re-punched mint dates and marks, overpunches, and different types of doubling.

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